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Introducing Quick Capture

The chrome extension to present your screens.

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Features You'll Love.

It's free! It's small yet effective tool for screen capturing. It lets you plan, capture, upload, edit and share screen in a matter of seconds. Our support team from Third Rock Techkno is just an email away and available 24x7.


Quick Access

Access in a single click combined with our intuitive design has made it easy for you to create your annotated presentations. No hassles to fill up the Signup form or searching the toolbar to find the right tool. It's all laid up for you.


Simple & Free

The simplicity of the front layout adds up the advantage of the ease to use. Just using few simple click save, share, and upload your screenshots followed by desired annotations using image symbols. Just pay attention, not money.


Adaptive Design

The adaptive design makes it capable of adapting to the size of the screen no matter what's the target device. Hence, with this subprogram, we came up with a chrome extension that is less complex and more flex !!!


Save & Share

Save your annotated screens to the desktop, upload it to google drive and access or share it anytime anywhere with this functionality it's going to be indispensable annotation companion of all time.


Bookmarkable Screens

Running low on space or not so important screenshot. Bookmark your screenshots with a simple click and access or share them with anyone at any time from the quick capture bookmark list in your browser.

Capture Upload Annotate

Quick and Simple Editing

Capture your browser's screen, small sections of the browser or just upload an image from your computer. Now select from the pack of annotation tools and crop, draw, write or add new images and convey your message seamlessly.

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Download Upload Share

Share & access from anywhere

Now that you have your annotated image ready, with our single click feature to share and download. Easily share it over Google drive to your colleagues or work groups. Short on storage no worries save it on our server and then access it anytime by our signature bookmark link feature.

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Download Quick Capture Now.

Quick Capture has almost every tool which you need to Annotate your screens and images. Enjoy the first release of the plugin and do all the great things you can do. You don't need to signup just download and start annotating your screens and images.

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Hear What Our User Say.

  • “Great tool, Capture entire page is awesome functionality given. Easy to use. Really recommended.”

    — Jignasha Kakkad

  • “Easy to use, It helps everyone , mostly helpful to non-technical person as it has user friendly UI.”

    — Pathik Bhatt

  • “Flawless! Used couple of screenshot tools before. I think this is best as it has more useful options which makes your work easy and smooth.”

    — Tapan Parikh

  • Jignasha Kakkad
  • Pathik Bhatt
  • Tapan Parikh